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Reopen Update – November
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Stop in!
We simulcast our online service Sundays at 10am.  We miss seeing your faces in person, but we can still gather in this digital space! You can join us live at 10am, here, facebook, or youtube with others and for live chat.  If you’re more of a sleep-in-til-noon kinda person and want to stream the service later or even with your Small Group or family later in the week, you can any time after 11am on Sunday.

Past services are on our YouTube Channel:   United YouTube.

This Sunday’s live simulcast service is at 10:00 am.  Watch it together or on your schedule.
Watch it here, YouTube, Gunnisonville Facebook or Bath Facebook.

The week of November 22…


New 2-Week Series begins November 22…

“A Priest and a Physicist Walk Into a Bar…” a new series which explores the (supposed) conflict between faith and science. We’ll look at the origin of the assumption that faith and science are at odds with one another, the question of God, and the supernatural.

We all have heard people say that faith and science are at war with each other. There is an assumption that science is about being rational and faith is about being irrational. Of course there are points of tension, but overall they should work together, with one taking over where the other leads. This matters because it is this mistaken belief that keeps people from taking Christianity seriously, and causes many people to leave.

Case in point: 97% of scientists believe humans evolved, but only 24% of evangelicals believe this. This is why there is a perception that faith is anti-intellectual. The number one reason given by young people who leave the church is this disconnect, there is a perception that if you’re going to be a Christian you have to check your brain at the door.

So, how can science & faith get along? Join us for a quick 2-week series beginning Nov. 22.

New Testament Challenge!
Read the New Testament in 10 weeks! You can do it!
We know you can do it because United Church is giving you the support you need to meet this challenge including a small group to do it with!
Click for Details & Free Helps: NT Challenge

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Coming in December


Discover the gift you’ve been waiting to receive. This Christmas, let’s experience the abundant peace, hope, and joy of Jesus together.

God is with you through the pain. He comforts you in the waiting. When you’re anxious about your future, He gives you courage. As you climb the mountain, He keeps you safe in His arms. In every moment, God is with you. Let’s celebrate together this Christmas at United Church beginning December 6.


Inclusion.        Respect.       Healthy Relationships.       Hope.       Perseverance.

 UNITED @ Gunnisonville           UNITED @ Bath        UNITED w/ Dinner
Sunday 9:15 AM Sunday 11 AM Tuesday 6:30 PM
2031 East Clark Rd
Bath, MI 48808
Corner of Clark & Wood,
Three miles North of Eastwood Town Center,
Dewitt Township
13777 Main St
Bath, MI 48808-0308
Across from Bath Elementary School,
One mile North of  I-69 Bath Exit
13777 Main St
Bath, MI, 48808
Across from Bath Elementary School.
One mile North of  I-69 Bath Exit
Pizza and an open community exploring relevant issues of faith.


Want to help?
Community volunteers distribute food to 70+ children at Bath Elementary.
Join the team.  Get details for packing parties, distribution times, and text or email updates.  Contact Matt at

2019 Donations from Christmas Eve, United Churches, and the Dunk Tank (thanks Bath Principals) raised over $3,500 and given to WSK!



Karaoke night – what a blast!  Laughter, food, getting to know friends, and cheering people on as we sang our hearts out….