About Bath & Gunnisonville United Methodist Churches



On Sundays, you’ll get warm hospitality, coffee, a topic that explores the intersection of real-life and faith, and some tasty treats.  You’ll see a variety of people and ages.   Participate online or in person with spiritually-open people thinking, singing, and caring.



Wear what you are most comfortable in.  Seriously! You will see everything from jeans and hoodies to a few ties in our services. Just wear what feels right to you!



Bath venue is band-led, leaning acoustic, hymns and easy listening.

Gunnisonville venue is choir-led; leaning toward choir, hymns, and acoustic.

Online service: a combination of all our services found on our YouTube channel.


We’re a friendly, medium-size church.   At services, you’ll hear good music and practical, understandable thoughts in an informal setting.  Messages are uplifting, relevant, and casual.  We lean into helping ourselves think through spiritual and faith issues and away from telling people what they should believe.  Services take about an hour. Coffee/tea/water before, during, and after.



We’re all people.  Religious, non-religious, and nominally religious people who all love attending and being involved.  We are active in caring for people in our community and each other.  We welcome the tension of diverse opinions while holding a high view of the Bible.



You have options.  Your kids are welcome to stay with you any time.  They are also welcome to participate in kid activities geared toward the age of the child. 



We are passionate about social justice.  We join with people in the community to organize and be involved in causes here and across the world.  One of our latest projects is helping our community spearhead WEEKEND SURVIVAL KITS, an effort to feed Bath students and students in the surrounding area in food unstable homes.  We have many other opportunities to help those around us and are always open to new ideas! 



We are passionate about collaboration and allowing each person to share their ideas; while identifying, developing, and utilizing their spiritual gifts. We believe in celebrating volunteers and meeting people where they are at in life to provide opportunities for connection, spiritual development, social opportunities, and more.  We are part of the global United Methodist Church and the Michigan Conference.  We encourage those who tend to be under-represented (people with disabilities, LGBTQ community, various nationalities, and more) to become active members of the church to share their perspectives and assist in leading our church to be inclusive and empowering to each other and the community.  

Pastor Matt Kreh and his wife, Lori. 

Pastor Matt has been leading United Church (Bath, Gunnisonville, and Online)  since 2015.  He is always open to assisting those who attend in-person and online, their family and friends, and the local community.   Feel free to contact Matt – fill out a Connect Card or contact him at matt@unitedch.com .