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June 2021

Adult Bible Study  New Spring Semester 
FEELINGS! Inner strife plagued the church at Corinth. Paul wrote to resolve the disagreements and restore unity. Reading 2 Corinthians is something like overhearing one side of a telephone conversation. Though some specifics aren’t known, the feelings come through loudly. In this letter, the apostle Paul wrote about the joys, sorrows, ambitions, frustrations, and assurances he had for the Christ followers. Examining Paul’s emotions— what he said and how he said it—can be helpful in developing our own relationships.

You’re welcome to the conversation – about a chapter a week. Led by Pastor Matt we read the chapter together so no preparation required – but many read it in advance. Come when you’re available!
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Letter from Birmingham Jail in 4 Episodes

Did you miss any of the episodes?  See them all and the panel discussions.
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Masks Off – Private Marriage Mini-Retreat
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Watch the videos with your partner and use the worksheets for discussion.

Session 1
Science with Sue, Episode 1: The Key Defining Factors in a Couple’s Relationship
Relationships Are Hard, But Why? | Stan Tatkin | TEDxKC
Worksheet – ARE Questionnaire

Session 2
Love Sense: from Infant to Adult (Sue Johnson and Ed Tronick)
Worksheet – Understanding Cycles

Session 3

The Keys to a Happier, Healthier Sex Life | Emily Nagoski
Worksheet – Sexual Cues Assessment

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