NEW Dinner Service


Free Pizza.  Live Music.  Inspiration.
A new community and new type of service for busy people.
Relevant spiritual exploration in a respectful creative and uplifting atmosphere.

Get your Sunday on a Tuesday – with our without pepperoni!  

Every Tuesday, 6:30 – 7:30!

What???  This is a church?  …so… a little more detail…
Life moves fast.  We’re all busy.
We still want to explore real-life spiritual issues and values.
This new community service gives us all
a convenient opportunity in a positive setting.
Casual. Meaningful. Relevant. Respectful.

Give it a try.  We’ll have Spagnuolo’s pizza, salad, a drink & a table ready.  There is no cost for dinner.  There will be a bucket to donate if you wish or you can donate online.  After pizza, elementary children have a fun and creative program with crafts and lessons.

There are other opportunities if you’re interested in helping feed children, small groups, social justice, etc.   Bath Church celebrates it’s 150th anniversary this year and we’re still looking forward.

Come Tuesday to check it out!  You can also email Matt Kreh the pastor



The church is very welcoming and open … genuinely care about the community.

The laid back attitude with the eating and chatting.

Very welcoming and not judgmental, very relaxing even for introverted folks.

I enjoyed it. I often like the message but generally have found church boring and difficult to sit through. This service doesn’t feel like sitting in class listening to the instructor.

I finally found a Lansing church that I feel I will like!

The children’s program was very helpful. Parents rarely get to sit through a church service, or a meal. Thanks to the children’s program, we were able to relax and enjoy both.

I enjoyed the atmosphere most –  and not being judged by what I do or don’t have.

I enjoyed myself. The sermon was applicable to everyday life situations.

If the recipe for the salad had been available, I probably would have grabbed a copy. Having church during the week was very helpful, as our family works on the weekends. The topic was perfect.

A Tuesday service!  Church was always very intimidating to me because I don’t know the Bible well and felt of place.  …my relationship with God has grown because I’ve accepted He accepts me as I am. I still desire to learn more, and I will, but in the meantime, I’m secure knowing God loves me for who I am now, flaws and all.  …[I’m seeing] people of the church as real and not some “raised up standard” which has allowed me to accept God’s love.

Comfortable looking people enjoying time together.

Very positive!