New Testament Challenge

New Testament Challenge!

Read the New Testament in 10 weeks! Spend ten weeks in the stories of Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection and what the earliest followers of Jesus wrote about what that all means for living today. You can do it! We know you can do it because United Church is giving you the support you need to meet this challenge including a small group to do it with! Pastor Matt organized this with pastors from SCC United Methodist Churches.  Here are the helps!…

Bookmark with Daily Readings
Attached is a bookmark with each day’s reading. Each day includes a reading from a Gospel (one of the four books that tells the story of Jesus’ life) and a reading from another part of the New Testament. Read three or four chapters a day (way shorter than any modern-day chapter). Six days of reading and one grace-day each week. This pace is very doable!

Daily Brief Thoughts Videos with Pastor Mark
Pastor Mark Aupperlee will provide optional daily brief thoughts – 2-3 minute videos that go along with each day’s reading that will inspire you and get you thinking about how to apply it to your life.

Weekly New Testament Scholar Interviews with Pastor Tom
Each week Pastor Tom will interview a different New Testament scholar about a book of the New Testament that we’re reading that week. These thirty-minute-ish interviews will dive deep into one portion of our week’s readings and help you love God with your mind.   (Click above for video, here for audio only.)

Weekly Devotionals and Discussion Guides
Every week a different person has written a one-page devotional and discussion guide based on something you’ve read that week. This will include next steps and questions for reflection that you can journal about on your own or discuss in a small group.

Small Groups
Pastor Matt & Cari Godbehere will facilitate one-hour weekly small groups on Wed. at 9am & 6:30.  Thanks to our partnership with SCC you have lots of other small group options!  Look at all those small groups!   You don’t have to read the New Testament on your own.  Make some new friends or deepen relationships with friends you already have in a small group reading the New Testament together.  There’s no better accountability and support for accomplishing the challenge than doing it with a team!   Sign up for a small group – let us know which one(s) you’re interested in on a Connect Card, contact a small group leader directly, or create your own group and we’ll be sure you have all the help you need!

So are you ready to take the challenge?
Pastor Matt

NT CHALLENGE – Links to materials
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Printable details
Weekly Devotionals and Discussion Guides
Daily Brief Thoughts (2-3 min videos)
Weekly New Testament Scholar Interviews
Pastor Matt’s favorite FREE ONLINE BIBLES:  or BibleGateway  (both can read to you)

* Links to Daily Brief Thoughts, Weekly Scholar Videos,
Devotional Guides/Discussion Guides coming soon.

Discussion Groups for New Testament Challenge

Cari & Matt will facilitate  discussions about our reading so we can encourage and learn from each other.  Join in when you can on ten consecutive Wednesdays beginning October 14.

LOTS of other groups and times are available.  See the list.  Let us know your interest here or the contact the group leader directly.

We’ll discuss the questions provided in the weekly devotionals and anything else that comes up from our personal reading.  🙂

9 am, Wednesdays with Matt
Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 852 4859 0504
Dial: (312) 626-6799

6:30 pm, Wednesdays with Cari
Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 863 5950 4567
Dial:  (312) 626-6799



Our elementary school teaches all of our children how to be their best selves through The Leader In Me program’s seven habits. Our professional administrators and educators work hard every day to instill the very best personal growth concepts in every child.

Now, KIDS CLUB (concurrent with Tues & Sun services) will  reinforce the same seven habits all year!  In sync with the elementary school, we explore a habit each week at church, talk about spiritual stories and lessons that reinforce the powerful concepts with crafts, activities, stories, and songs preschool through 5th grade enjoy.


Groups are open to all regardless of any church involvement!

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